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Blue Oval Podcast: Upsets from UNC & UVU, Oklahoma State’s Title Chances & PAC-12 Craziness

Ben and Garrett are back after an action-packed weekend. In this week's episode, the guys dive into the Power Five results along with Mountain West, BIG East, WAC and Ivy League to discuss how the races turned out compared to their predictions. Be sure to listen, subscribe and review!


Men's ACC Championships (1:59)

Women's ACC Championships (8:59)

Men's BIG 10 Championships (15:54)

Women's BIG 10 Championships (19:09)

Men's BIG 12 Championships (20:30)

Women's BIG 12 Championships (26:05)

Men's PAC-12 Championships (30:45)

Women's PAC-12 Championships (37:27)

Men's SEC Championships (43:46)

Women's SEC Championships (47:10)

Men's BIG East Championships (51:58)

Women's BIG East Championships (53:45)

Men's Mountain West Championships (54:52)

Women's Mountain West Championships (57:07)

Women's WAC XC Championships (58:10)

Ivy League XC Championships (1:00:10)


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