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The Stride Report Introduces High School & Recruiting Coverage

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the next era of The Stride Report's coverage.

Today, we are very excited to announce that our site will begin expanding our analysis and content offerings to high school distance running and recruiting!

In fact, we already got a head start.

Our newly-formed high school coverage team spent the last month and a half compiling, debating and ranking 50 of the best American boys and 50 of the best American girls (middle and long distance) from the Class of 2023.

Our subscribers can go to our newest RECRUITING tab and navigate to our Top-50 Recruits list. On that page, you'll find where these athletes are currently committed to, who their NCAA comparisons are and which schools we could see them signing with based on a variety of criteria.

We also have a "sneak preview" page available for non-subscribers.

Starting next week, likely Monday or Tuesday, you'll begin to see recruiting-centric articles appear in our weekly cycle of content. We will be focusing on recruiting for the fall months before eventually diving deeper into analysis about actual high school races near the beginning of the new year.

And if you're concerned that this move may limit our production of D1, D2 and D3 content, then have no fear, we've already addressed that.

I am thrilled to announce that John Cusick, a veteran TSR writer who has been with us since December of 2017, has been hired as a part-time editor for our website to oversee content on the Division Two and Division Three sides.

We couldn't be happier for John who has been with this site when it wasn't even a year old. He has shown unwavering loyalty, an openness to learn and a work horse mentality.

With John's hiring, more of my attention and time will be available to manage our newest branch of content as well as the Division One scene. And while it will take some time to get John fully up to speed, we are incredibly excited about the long-term benefits that this move could have for our site operations.

This is also a good time to mention that we are looking to bring on another writer!

If you're interested in contributing written high school content to our website, mainly on the women's end, then we would encourage you to read our ABOUT & FAQ page and send us an application via email.

All writers get paid $15 for every article / major site contribution.

We would like to give a MAJOR thank you to Streamline Athletes. Our ongoing work with the Canadian-based company continues to be fantastic. The leads within our parent company were gracious enough to open up a role for John to be hired as a part-time editor.

Without that happening, then expansion may not have happened.

We also believe that this move to the high school realm will establish a more symbiotic relationship between Streamline Athletes and The Stride Report over the long term.

For some people, our decision to move into this direction of coverage may come as a surprise. But make no mistake, we are continuing to explore content avenues for NAIA, JUCO and even U Sports. If anything, our move to high school coverage moves us closer to eventually reaching those underserved audiences.

But in the meantime, we'll be hard at work, continuing to build The Stride Report into your one-stop shop for distance running coverage.

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