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The Stride Report (or TSR) is a media platform founded in March of 2017 that is dedicated to the coverage of cross country and track & field. By providing analytical articles, features, rankings, predictions, recaps, news and statistical breakdowns, we hope to show that competitive racing can be so much more than just times.


We have greatly expanded our coverage since 2017. We currently cover men's and women's Division One, Division Two, and Division Three distance running competition. We have also begun to further strengthen our presence in the collegiate running community by offering recruiting news and and analysis. In the past, we have had contributors who covered NAIA.

Because our site is still growing and operating with limited capital, we can only cover so many aspects of our sport at the moment. However, over time, we hope to expand our focus to both men and women at all collegiate levels (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, JUCO, High School, etc). 

What Inspired The Creation OF TSR?

The running community has always been underrepresented in the sports world. Despite excellent coverage by separate media outlets, there was still a lack of relevant analysis and meaningful content.


We took notice.

After reading through The AthleticThe Ringer and, there was a realization that nothing like that existed for cross country and track & field. This led to months of designing and constructing the site you are currently on.

How Often do you post articles?

As of right now, every day! On the rare occasion, we may go one day without posting content. Otherwise, you can expect to see something new on The Stride Report, daily.

HOW can I Support TSR?

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your teammates. Tell your coaches. Tell your dog. Tell your cat.


Quite simply, tell anyone who will listen.

Go to our HOME page and sign up for our email updates. Every time there is a new article, you'll be the first to know about it.

Talk to some of your favorite brands and let them know about us.


Follow us on Instagram. Follow us on Twitter. Share and retweet our articles. Any click is a good click.

And of course, be sure to sign up for a BOOST plan to ensure that you get access to all of the excellent content that our team produces on a daily basis.

This site has been growing and thriving because people believe we produce quality content. We don't want that belief to change. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, ideas, or feedback, just shoot us an email at You can even message us through Instagram or Twitter. 

What is it like to Advertise with TSR?

TSR's focus on collegiate distance running allows us to capture and maintain a diverse audience with similar needs and interests. Our readers range from high schoolers who just started running, to NCAA champions, to Olympians. We even have plenty of parents, coaches, teams, and professional runners reading our site.


Simply put, our audience covers the entire distance running spectrum.

Some sites generate traffic by utilizing live streams. Others use discussion/forum-type platforms. The rest typically just generate news. However, at The Stride Report, we are producing analytical articles, rankings, and projection tools with detail and explanation that no other site has.


We are changing the way we talk about our sport.

When advertising with us, there are multiple ways you can promote your brand.


You can...

- sponsor our Kolas projection tool

- work with us to create a social media plan for Twitter and Instagram

- enter an article/rankings sponsorship plan over a period of time

- advertise directly on our front page or article streams

- brand placement on a set amount of TSR article graphics

- sponsor our podcast(s)

TSR's website analytics and metrics will only be released to those interested in sponsorship opportunities via email. Advertising rates and payment plans are negotiable and may vary.

Previous partnerships include HOKA and BioSteel.

The Stride Report holds the right to reject any and all advertising requests that conflict with our vision and the expectations of our readers.

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