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BioSteel Partners With The Stride Report, Use Code "TSR30" At Checkout

At TSR we bring you nothing but the best coverage of distance running in the NCAA…and the best extends to our partnerships as well.

We’ve partnered with BioSteel to bring you the absolute best in sports hydration and supplements. Originally developed for professional athletes, BioSteel's Sports Hydration is filled with premium ingredients and essential electrolytes to hydrate your active lifestyle.

Designed with sustainability in mind, BioSteels Sports Drink has eco-friendly packaging, made from renewable sources and a plant-based cap - Good for you and good for the environment. BioSteel is bringing #CleanHealthyHydration to the next generation of track and field athletes across North America.

TSR has teamed up with BioSteel to offer 30% off your orders at (or with code “TSR30”!


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