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Blue Oval Podcast: Tuohy's Legacy-Defining Win & NAU's Thrilling Title Victory

Ben and Garrett are back on the mics to conclude an action-packed cross country season. This week, the guys look at results from last weekend's NCAA XC Championships with comments on the major individual battles, each team's performance as well as discussion on how some teams and individuals may look next season. Make sure to listen, review and subscribe!

Tuohy vs Valby (2:51)

Young vs Hicks (8:46)

31st to 26th Women's Finishers (15:28)

25th to 21st Women's Finishers (20:28)

20th to 16th Women's Finishers (26:19)

15th to 11th Women's Finishers (30:03)

10th to 6th Women's Finishers (36:29)

Women's Top-5 (47:36)

31st to 26th Men's Finishers (57:23)

25th to 21st Men's Finishers (1:00:04)

20th to 16th Men's Finishers (1:04:27)

15th to 11th Men's Finishers (1:12:05)

10th to 6th Men's Finishers (1:18:55)

Men's Top-5 (1:25:03)


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