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Blue Oval Podcast: NC State’s Dynasty Year & How Could We Bet Against NAU?

Ben and Garrett are back in action this week to finish off their evaluation of our men's and women's D1 cross country team rankings! The guys go through spots 1-2-3-4-5-6, breaking down who the title favorites are, who the outside podium contenders could be and what teams have to do in order to make the podium. Be sure to listen up!


Oklahoma State Women (3:21)

North Carolina Men (7:29)

Notre Dame Women (11:28)

Wisconsin Men (14:57)

Florida Women (18:44)

Stanford Men (22:11)

Colorado Women (27:43)

Oklahoma State Men (33:37)

Northern Arizona Women (37:51)

BYU Men (42:57)

NC State Women (46:44)

Northern Arizona Men (51:29)


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