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The Blue Oval Podcast: Are Beadlescomb & Hacker Title Favorites? Valby, Wayment & Mackay Impress

It was the weekend of the 3000 meters...and the mile...and maybe the DMR, too. Whichever way you slice it, this past weekend was one to remember with unreal firepower and unfathomable historical depth. Ben and Garrett sit down for a nearly one hour long podcast to highlight all of the major performances and further evaluate the NCAA landscape...

Alex Maier's Breakout 7:46 Effort for 3000 Meters (4:08)

Parker Valby Solos 8:53 for 3000 Meters (5:47)

Beadlescomb Beautifully Navigates Elite 3k Field at Millrose Games (6:49)

Kiptoo & Hicks in the Millrose Games 3k + Michael Blum Men's Mile (9:04)

Trying to Gauge Mario Garcia Romo's 3:57 Mile Effort at Millrose (11:23)

Nico Young Runs 3:56 Mile at Sea Level & Reevaluating His Postseason Expectations (12:51)

Will We See A Lot of Milers Drop Down to the 800 This Year? (15:08)

Who Has Improved Their Stock The Most This Season? -- Emily Mackay (19:13)

Who Has Improved Their Stock The Most This Season? -- Ellie Leather (20:50)

Who Has Improved Their Stock The Most This Season? -- Olin Hacker (22:19)

Who Is More of a Title Contender Right Now? Beadlescomb or Hacker? (23:30)

Who Has Improved Their Stock The Most This Season? -- Dario De Caro (24:35)

Penn State's Allison Johnson Has The "It" Factor (26:56)

Arkansas' Quinn Owen Has Breakout Race of 2:04 En Route to Key Win (28:14)

Sam Rodman and Sam Ellis Each Run 1:48 For 800 Meters (29:30)

Taylor Roe Upsets Lauren Gregory 4:34 to 4:35 in Mile Battle (31:23)

Incredible 4:36 & 4:37 Mile Depth + Alexandra Carlson Emerges as Rutgers Next Star (32:37)

Brian Fay's 3:55 Mile Complements His Elite 8:29 Steeplechase Mark (35:02)

Incredible Number of Sub-Fours: Abdi Nur Stuns With More Speed Than Expected (38:50)

Wayment Earns Strong & Predictable 8:50 Result (40:11)

Vissa Upsets Magness in 3000 Meters (41:58)

Potentially the Best Race of Cole Sprout's Career & the NCAA Qualifying 3k Cut-Off (44:31)

American International & Simon Fraser Go Under Former D2 DMR Record (50:48)

DMR Men: Oklahoma State, Oregon, Stanford, Indiana & Ole Miss (52:10)

DMR Women: Arkansas & Washington, Plus Florida & Kentucky Surprise (56:07)


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