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Quick Updates About The Site

Hello friends! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday and, maybe more importantly, a great cross country season.

I have a few quick updates that I wanted to offer about the site as we navigate the fall months. We've been receiving a handful of questions, so I figured that I would lay them all out below.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Rankings Schedule

Yes, we are offering updated team and individual cross country rankings (yet again) this year. Our updated Division One team rankings will begin this week (today, actually) and our individual rankings will also begin this week (on Tuesday).

Then, next week, both our Division Two and Division Three ranking updates will be posted. We will then alternate each and every week (D1 one week, D2/D3 the next week) for the rest of the season with a small schedule adjustment near the postseason.

Yes, we are starting these ranking updates a bit late this fall, but that's because our site offerings have grown broader and more intensive. Plus, we wanted the month of September to actually wrap up before we offered a half-baked update that would surely change as soon as we posted it.

After looking at our schedule, we are still expecting to offer the same four or five rankings updates that we've offered in the past. Nothing too drastic will be changing on that front!

So if you're a Division One reader, get pumped! Updates begin tonight.

If you're a Division Two or Division Three reader, just hang tight for a little bit longer. Your updates are coming next week!

As for the high school group, we will certainly be updating our recruits list, but that is more of an every-other-month project. Once our high school writing team gets into the groove of offering high school coverage, we'll begin our expected expansion to in-season high school rankings during the New Year as long as we have the necessary writing staff.

Speaking of which...

Interested In Writing? Let Us Know!

We're looking for new writers across all three divisions (D1, D2, D3) as well as for our new high school crew!

If you're interested in contributing to rankings as well as a few analytical articles, send us an email and let us know! Be sure to also glance through our ABOUT & FAQ page on the site to learn more about submitting applications.

All writers are paid $15 per article/site contribution.

And if you've already sent us an email expressing interest, don't hesitate to shoot us a reminder! Our inbox can get a bit crowded at times. Our email is

If you also have any interest in offering any other potential content mediums, such as a podcast, video, photo, etc. then we'll certainly entertain those ideas well!

Take A Look At Our Partners!

Thanks to the help from our parent company, Streamline Athletes, we've teamed up with some really cool partners as of late. Check them out below...


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