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NEW SITE FEATURES: TSR Now Accepts PayPal & You Can Now Manually Update Your Payment Method

Good news, friends!

The Stride Report now has a feature which gives all paid subscribers the ability to manually change their preferred credit card in our Login Bar without cancelling and resubscribing.

Here's how to do it...


1. Go to the Login Bar and click the "My BOOST Plans" tab

2. Select the plan that you would like to update and then click the "Update Payment Method" link within the selected plan.

3. Scroll down through the "Update payment method" box and fill out all of the fields. When complete, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the box. You can also select another card that you have previously added.

PLEASE NOTE: You will only be able to update your payment method on desktop. You will also not be able to update your payment method to PayPal.

4. And that's it, you should be all set to go!


We have also implemented PayPal as a new payment provider!

If you're thinking about signing up for a subscription and prefer PayPal, you can now process your transaction through there! Here's how...

1. Click an article, select the BOOST plan that you would like to sign up for and then choose the PayPal option at checkout.

2. Once you choose the PayPal option, you'll be prompted to sign into your PayPal account and confirm the transaction.

3. Once you process the rest of the transaction, you'll be good to go!

Happy reading!


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