D2 Outdoor Top 20: Update #3 (Women)



Was not ranked the week before


First number indicates the change in a runner's ranking from week priorSecond number indicates where the runner was ranked last week

20. Gina Patterson | Grand Valley State (JR) (Unranked)

Patterson did not run this week, but due to inactivity and redshirts from other individuals, she appears in the rankings for the first time this season. She has only run one race so far this spring (a 5k at the Raleigh Relays) which produced a provisional time of 16:36.92 (NCAA #2)

19. Hanna Groeber | Grand Valley State (JR) (Unranked)

After finishing 2nd in the Bison Outdoor Classic in the steeplechase this weekend, Groeber appears in the rankings for the first time this season. Her time of 10:23.52 sits at #2 in the country and is a D2 provisional time. She also ran a 34:55 in the 10k at the Raleigh Relays earlier this year, which is also a provisional time and currently sits 5th in D2.

18. Liz Bloch | Michigan Tech (SR) (Unranked)

Bloch had been consistently around 4:30 for her 1500 races over the past couple of years, but this weekend at the Bison Outdoor Classic she popped off a huge PR, running a provisional time of 4:24.67 (NCAA #5). The only question I have is, was that race a one-time deal, or is this a sign of things to come from Bloch?

17. Bailey Sharon | Western Colorado (SO) (+2 / 19)


16. Stefanie Parsons | Edinboro (FR) (+4 / 20)

A week after testing the waters in the 800, Parsons moved back up to the 1500 at the Bison Outdoor Classic. She picked up a nearly two-second PR, running a 4:25.91, which puts her at #7 in D2. Parsons just keeps creeping up those 1500 meter rankings...

15. Alexa Shindruk | Central Washington (SR) (+3 / 18)

I am not really sure what the Central Washington coaches were doing with Shindruk this weekend. At their home meet, Shindruk ran a 200 and a 3k...weird combination. Her 200 was not impressive, but she did take the win in the 3k, running a 9:58.20 and winning by about a minute.

14. Sophie Dodd | Simon Fraser (SR) (+3 / 17)

Dodd did not have a great race this week as she ran 2:12.78 in the 800 at UC San Diego. After running a 2:07.44 earlier this season, this was not what we expected. Dodd did bounce back later on in the meet though, as she was a part of the Simon Fraser 4x400 team that ran a provisional time of 3:45.30. Luckily for her, inactivity from other runners actually helped her in the rankings this week.

13. Andra Lehotay | Walsh (JR) (+3 / 16)

Lehotay hopped in the 800 this week as Walsh hosted their home meet. She ran her fastest 800 since 2017, as she clocked a provisional time of 2:10.80, which sits at #13 in D2.

12. Allie Ludge | Grand Valley State (JR) (+2 / 14)


11. Carsyn Koch-Johnson | Cedarville (SR) (0 / 11)

Koch-Johnson had a pretty easy week this week, as she took wins in the 800, 1500, and was a part of the 4x400 at Centre College. None of the times were quick, but that is expected when running solo with little competition.

10. Julia Howley | Simon Fraser (SR) (0 / 10)


9. Roisin Flanagan | Adams State (JR) (0 / 9)


8. Danielle McCormick | Alaska Anchorage (SR) (0 / 8)


7. Leah Hanle | Mount Olive (JR) (0 / 7)


6. Rachael Walters | Grand Valley State (SR) (0 / 6)


5. Stephanie Cotter | Adams State (FR) (0 / 5)


4. Eilish Flanagan | Adams State (JR) (0 / 4)


3. Skylyn Webb | UC Colorado-Springs (SR) (0 / 3)

Webb had a light week this week, as she led her 4x400 team to a win, running 3:52.52 at Colorado Mines. After messing around with different events in the past few weeks, Webb will return to the 800 this weekend with a chance to make a serious statement.

2. Alicja Konieczek | Western Colorado (SR) (0 / 2)


1. Caroline Kurgat | Alaska Anchorage (SR) (0 / 1)



1. Skylyn Webb (UC Colorado Springs)

2. Rachael Walters (Grand Valley State)

3. Danielle McCormick (Alaska Anchorage)

4. Carsyn Koch-Johnson (Cedarville)

5. Sophie Dodd (Simon Fraser)


1. Eilish Flanagan (Adams State)

2. Alijca Konieczek (Western Colorado)

3. Stephanie Cotter (Adams State)

4. Roisin Flanagan (Adams State)

5. Allie Ludge (Grand Valley State)

3000 Steeplechase

1. Alijca Konieczek (Western Colorado)

2. Eilish Flanagan (Adams State)

3. Julia Howley (Simon Fraser)

4. Hanna Groeber (Grand Valley State)

5. Megan Wenham (Colorado Mines)


1. Caroline Kurgat (Alaska Anchorage)

2. Alijca Konieczek (Western Colorado)

3. Leah Hanle (Mount Olive)

4. Eilish Flanagan (Adams State)

5. Gina Patterson (Grand Valley State)


1. Caroline Kurgat (Alaska Anchorage)

2. Leah Hanle (Mount Olive)

3. Alexa Shindruk (Central Washington)

4. Eileen Stressling (Azusa Pacific)

5. Hanna Groeber (Grand Valley State)