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Blue Oval Podcast & Video: Olympian & NCAA Champ Justyn Knight Offers Insight on NCAA Championships

Thanks to the help from our parent company Streamline Athletes, we were able to team up with Olympian and 2x individual NCAA champion Justyn Knight for a bonus podcast episode! The former Syracuse runner offers his insight on the regional and national meets, his thoughts on the crazy fast times happening throughout the NCAA and his opinion on the newest Drake album. Listen to all of that and so much more!



Justyn Knight & the Blue Oval Podcast: Insight From An NCAA Champion

NOTE: Due to construction, you may hear intermittent noise in the background of the audio, none of which takes away from this awesome episode!

Justyn Knight & the Past Emphasis He Put On Regional Rounds (1:29)

How Justyn Knight Was So Good So Young (3:59)

Does Justyn Knight Like the Regional Meets? (7:47)

How Challenging Is It to Double at National Meets? (9:57)

Did Justyn Prefer Tactical Races? Why Were So Many Races Previously Tactical? (12:33)

Justyn's Thoughts On the Incredible Times Throughout the NCAA (16:21

Who is Justyn Knight's modern-day NCAA equivalent? (19:10)

Justyn Knight's NCAA Picks (23:27)

Former Teammate Nathan Henderson's Surprise NCAA Qualification (25:59)

Justyn Knight's Name On TFRRS Was "J-Squeeze" (28:37)

Sixers & Raptors Talk (29:51)

Drake & Ranking His Albums (31:01)

Important Final Words From Justyn (37:09)


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