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Blue Oval Podcast: Regional Reactions & Storylines

The madness of the regional rounds is now over, but there is plenty to analyze! Between Garrett's great sleeper pick prediction, the surprise 1500 meter developments and a handful of feel-good stories in the women's 5k, the East and West regions certainly provided us with tons of stunning storylines to discuss. Listen up below!

Men's 800 Meters (3:45)

Women's 800 Meters (5:41)

Men's 1500 Meters (9:44)

Women's 1500 Meters (13:59)

Men's 3k Steeple (18:18)

Women's 3k Steeple (21:39)

Men's 5k (23:37)

Women's 5k (27:17)

Men's 10k (30:56)

Women's 10k (34:00)

Did the Regional Rounds Change Our Perception of Certain Title Contenders? (37:10)

Who From the Regional Rounds Is Your New Favorite Runner? (39:29)


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