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Blue Oval Podcast: The Summer Coaching Carousel & Lucy Jenks to Georgetown


Podcast production via Wyatt Barnsley


Ben and Garrett are back with the first taste of the offseason coaching carousel! This week, the guys dive deep into the latest coaching news highlighted by Joanna Hayes leaving USC to join UCLA before evaluating the transfers of Lucy Jenks and Evan Dorenkamp. Be sure to listen, subscribe and review!


(2:27) Joanna Hayes Leaves USC for UCLA Director Role

(5:48) Duke Hires Kevin Jermyn as Head Distance Coach

(9:56) Tony Miller to Replace Norbert Elliot as Director at Purdue

(13:40) Matt Kane to Take Over for Bob Braman as Director at Florida State

(18:22) Mark Rinker Hired by Elon as Next Head Coach

(21:35) Lucy Jenks Transfers to Georgetown

(25:37) Evan Dorenkamp Transfers to Oregon


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