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Blue Oval Podcast: North Carolina’s Big Win(s) & Illinois Takes Down Toledo

Ben and Garrett are back on air this week, picking up right where they left off with some early-season analysis. The guys break down six more races that we saw over the weekend, as well as debate the significance of certain performances from some of our top-ranked teams and individuals.

Indiana Coaching Tree Invitational Women's Race (2:43)

North Carolina vs Georgetown Women (7:43)

Indiana Coaching Tree Invitational Men's Race (11:24)

North Carolina Men's Team (20:30)

John McNichols Invitational Women's Race (25:40)

UVA Invitational Men's Race (30:13)

UVA Invitational Women's Race (34:14)

North Alabama Showcase Men's Race (36:43)

North Alabama Showcase Women's Race (38:43)

Adidas XC Challenge Women's Race (41:32)

Adidas XC Challenge Men's Race (43:32)

MSU Spartan Invitational Women's Race (45:40)

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