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You Got Robbed: An Apology to the BIG East

We messed up.

Big time.

I could beat around the bush, make up a fake argument, and tell you about how hard it is to keep up with everything in the running world when we are full-time employees and students.

But here's the thing: none of you care about that.

You come to TSR because you enjoy the content, insight, and commentary. Naturally, you should also expect everything to be detailed and accurate - something we have put a huge emphasis towards as our traffic has grown.

Our team did extensive research, went through every database, team website, and social media account we could find. Our contributors spent two straight weeks focusing on nothing but data collection. It was an outstanding team effort. Yes, we missed a few recruits here and there, but that’s expected when the data simply isn’t available.

However, what isn't acceptable is simply leaving out an entire conference from our research...which is exactly what happened.

During our research, we completely omitted the BIG East. It was a total accident and something that we didn’t even realize until we got to the #3 spot in our rankings. But by that point, it was too late to adjust the rankings.

The fact of the matter is this: both the Georgetown men and the Villanova women should have made it into our 2019 Top 10 Recruiting Class rankings. As the admin who has run this site since day one, I am embarrassed and take full responsibility for leaving those teams out. It bothers me quite a bit and it should never have happened, especially when looking at how talented these recruits are.

Here are the following Georgetown men's distance recruits we could find...

- Matthew Payamps (1:50 / 4:10 / 8:52)

- Shea Weilbaker (4:13 / 8:57)

- Parker Stokes (4:14 / 9:11 / 9:02 [3kSt])

- Tim McInerney (1:53 / 4:10 / 9:15 / 14:59)

- Camden Gilmore (4:14 / 9:07 / 15:28)

- Theo Woods (1:50 / 2:25 [1k] / 4:18)

Projected Ranking: Top Three

Here are the following Villanova women's distance recruits we could find...

- Madison Martinez (2:08 / 4:59)

- Brynne Sumner (2:07 / 4:49)

- Nikki Merrill (2:07 / 2:49 [1k] / 4:29 [1500] / 17:50)

Projected Ranking: Top Six

We're still a young site and we're new to this whole thing where people actually read our content now. A year ago, that wasn't really the case. We will be better because we must be better. That's just what our readers expect.

Our apologies to the Georgetown men and Villanova got robbed.


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