XC Top 50: Week 2 (9/16)

Updated: Sep 23, 2018


(Unranked): Was not ranked the week before.


First number indicates the change in a runner's ranking from week prior

Second number indicates where the runner was ranked last week

50. James Sugira, Freshman, Eastern Kentucky (Unranked)

In our preview of the Commodore Classic, Ben Weisel pointed out that James Sugira could be a huge addition to the Colonels this fall. The 7th place finisher at the Commonwealth Game owns a personal best of 13:46 and now has a collegiate win under his belt. With Erik Rotich struggling in his season debut, Sugira could be the ace EKU turns to from now on.

49. Cooper Teare, Sophomore, Oregon (0 / 49)

48. Tanner Anderson, Senior, Washington (0 / 48)

47. Euan Makepeace, Rs. Junior, Butler (0 / 47)

46. Morgan Beadlescomb, Junior, Michigan State (0 / 46)

The Spartan junior finished 3rd overall at the MSU Spartan Invite. However, he ran unattached. Does that mean he could redshirt this fall? It will be interesting to see what Coach Drenth opts to do with his lead scorer in 2018.

45. Andrew Marston, Rs. Junior, Villanova (-1 / 44)

44. Casey Comber, Rs. Junior, Villanova (+1 / 45)

The Villanova duo went to work this past weekend at the Main Line Invite. Comber got the job done with a win over Penn's Anthony Russo. However, Andrew Marston fell back to 11th. Was Marston holding back this weekend? Did he just have an off day? If he was holding back, then why was Comber going for the win? Are we just reading too much into this? Am I asking too many questions?

Regardless of their performances, I'm not ready to hit the hype or panic button just yet. The season is still young.

43. Garrett Reynolds, Junior, UCLA (0 / 43)

42. Jaret Carpenter, Junior, Purdue (0 / 42)

Carpenter was runner-up at the John McNichols Invite, finishing close behind Curt Eckstein who took the win. It doesn't mean much, but it's clear that Carpenter is fit enough to comfortably secure top finishes at smaller meets like this.

41. Aaron Templeton, Rs. Senior, Furman (0 / 41)

40. Luis Grijalva, Sophomore, Northern Arizona (0 / 40)

39. Eduardo Herrera, Sophomore, Colorado (0 / 39)

38. Emmanuel Rotich, Tulane, Senior (0 / 38)

37. Miler Haller, Rs. Junior, Boise State (0 / 37)

36. John Dressel, Senior, Colorado (0 / 36)

35. Conner Mantz, Rs. Sophomore, BYU (0 / 35)

The Cougars opened up their season at the BYU Autumn Classic where they cruised to an easy team victory. BYU took the top seven spots with Mantz finishing 2nd in that pack. It was another display of dominance for Coach Eyestone's squad.

34. Clayton Young, Rs. Senior, BYU (0 / 34)

Clayton Young did not run with his team at the BYU Autumn Classic. Hopefully he's healthy and simply delaying the start of his season...

33. Kigen Chemadi, Senior, Middle Tennessee State (0 / 33)

Did not run with team at Commodore Classic.

32. Mickey Davey, Senior, Air Force (0 / 32)

31. Peter Seufer, Senior, Virginia Tech (0 / 31)

The VT men packed it together for an easy effort. Seufer led the men with a 5th place finish with his teammates close behind. We won't see Seufer go all out until he gets to Paul Short in two weeks.

30. Peter Lomong, Senior, Northern Arizona (0 / 30)

29. Ben Veatch, Junior, Indiana (0 / 29)

Did not run with team at Iona Paddy Doyle Invite.

28. Brent Demarest, Rs. Senior, Virginia (0 / 28)

27. Geordie Beamish, Rs. Senior, Northern Arizona (0 / 27)

26. Aidan Tooker, Junior, Syracuse (0 / 26)

25. Nadeel Wildschutt, Sophomore, Coastal Carolina (0 / 25)

24. Steven Fahy, Senior, Stanford (0 / 24)

23. Cole Rockhold, Senior, Colorado State (0 / 23)

22. Nick Hauger, Senior, Portland (0 / 22)

21. Connor McMillan, Rs. Senior, BYU (0 / 21)

McMillan was one of the five BYU men who packed together for an easy sweep of their home opener. He finished the day in 4th overall.

20. Oliver Hoare, Junior, Wisconsin (0 / 20)

Did not run with team at Badger Classic.

19. Edwin Kurgat, Junior, Iowa State (0 / 19)

18. Andrew Jordan, Junior, Iowa State (0 / 18)

17. Jonathan Davis, Junior Illinois (0 / 17)

Did not run with team at Commodore Classic.

16. Azaria Kirwa, Senior, Liberty (0 / 16)

The Liberty senior snagged a nice win at the Iona Paddy Doyle Challenge. He took down a number of talented individuals from Indiana, Columbia, and Iona to earn his second victory of the season. We should expect those kind of performances from someone like Kirwa, but it's still a great way to gain some early-season momentum.

15. Alex Ostberg, Rs. Junior, Stanford (0 / 15)

14. Robert Brandt, Senior, UCLA (0 / 14)

13. Lawrence Kipkoech, Rs. Senior, Campbell (0 / 13)

12. Jacob Choge, Junior, Middle Tennessee State (0 / 12)

Did not run with team at Commodore Classic.

11. Joe Klecker, Rs. Junior, Colorado (0 / 11)

10. Emmanuel Roudolff-Levisse, Junior, Portland (0 / 10)

9. Alfred Chelanga, Senior, Alabama (0 / 9)

8. Amon Kemboi, Sophomore, Campbell (0 / 8)

7. Rory Linkletter, Rs. Senior, BYU (0 / 7)

Linkletter was one of the many Cougars who cruised past Utah State this weekend. He finished 3rd overall in a pack of teammates.

6. Vincent Kirpop, Senior, Alabama (0 / 6)

5. Gilbert Kigen, Senior, Alabama (0 / 5)

4. Morgan McDonald, Rs. Senior, Wisconsin (0 / 4)

Did not run with team at Badger Classic.

3. Grant Fisher, Senior, Stanford (0 / 3)

2. Tyler Day, Junior, Northern Arizona (0 / 2)

1. Matthew Baxter, Senior, Northern Arizona (0 / 1)


James Sugira (Eastern Kentucky)


Erik Rotich (Eastern Kentucky)

JUST MISS (in no order)

Dan Curts (Iowa State)

Thomas Pollard (Iowa State)

Lachlan Cook (Virginia)

Yusuke Uchikoshi (Boise State)

Ryan Forsyth (Colorado)

Conor Lundy (Princeton)

Paul Luevano (Boston U.)

Gilbert Boit (Arkansas)

Addison DeHaven (Boise State)

Erik Rotich (Eastern Kentucky)

Olin Hacker (Wisconsin)

WHO TO WATCH (in no order)

Tom Nobles (Charlotte)

Mihret Coulter (Charlotte)

Meshack Kipruto (Campbell)

Jesse Reiser (Illinois)

Thomas Ratcliffe (Stanford)

Colin Abert (Penn State)

Iliass Aouani (Syracuse)

Noah Affolder (Syracuse)

Sam Worley (Texas)

Chandler Tiegen (Washington State)

Paul Hogan (UMass Lowell)

Curt Eckstein (Purdue)

Clayson Shumway (BYU)

Caleb Pottorff (Florida State)

Emmanuel Cheboson (Louisville)

Kevin Lynch (Utah Valley)


Kevin Lynch (Utah Valley)

Times don't mean much during cross country, but 23:58 at the UCR Invite this early in the season to beat guys like Aidan Reed is incredibly impressive. Utah Valley is one of the more underrated squads in the NCAA and Lynch showed us why.


Azaria Kirwa (Liberty)

In what was arguably the toughest field of the weekend, Kirwa walked away with win. Despite racing against exciting youngsters from Indiana and Iona, the Liberty senior stayed composed like the veteran he is.


  • Redshirt freshman Caleb Pottorff was the winner in a head-to-head matchup with Boston U's Paul Luevano. He pulled away to earn the victory by 17 seconds. If the Florida State ace was trying to make a statement, he certainly did just that.

  • Clayson Shumway was the top finisher at the BYU Autumn Classic. The 8:36 steeplechaser has elevated his fitness to a new level and could be yet another key scorer for this squad over the next three months. The fact that he was with BYU's top group is a great sign.