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The Blue Oval Podcast: We're Becoming Numb to All of These Fast Times

Garrett and Ben meet up once more to chat about all of the super elite distance marks from this past weekend. Between the incredible depth in the men's 1500, various postseason scenarios, national title odds and the season-long implications, there is a TON to talk about...

How Will Nur's and Ferro's 10k Times Translate to the Postseason? (2:30)

Tank Earns Promising Win, But We Can't Figure Out the Women's 10k (7:09)

National Title Steeple Odds Between Jaziri, Smeeton & Chemadi (9:40)

Courtney Wayment Dominates Steeple...Can Anyone Beat Her? (14:51)

Absolute Insane Depth in the Men's 1500 Meters, Plus Impact of Fresno 1500s (19:01)

Implications of Gear vs Orton (28:21)

Wildschutt & Grijalva Meet Expectations (31:39)

Which Racing Style Benefits Henes? How Should We Feel About Donaghu? (32:41)

Is Jewett a Title Contender? Streich Should Pursue the 800 (38:37)

What Does Meyer's 2:01 Mean for the Postseason? (43:05)

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