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The Blue Oval Podcast: Quick XC Thoughts, Freshman Class Rankings & Super Bowl Picks

Back yet again! Ben and Garrett jump on the mic to chat about a handful of items in the NCAA world, ranging from TSR Mailbag questions, to recruit rankings, to a renewed campaign to earn Apple Podcast reviews. This podcast has it all...

Mailbag: Charlie Hunter's Next Move? (4:17)

Mailbag: Creighton Adding Indoor & Outdoor Track (5:55)

Mailbag: D1 & D2 XC Recap / Thoughts (8:17)

Mailbag: Karsten Warholm vs Donavan Brazier in 500m (19:05)

Mailbag: Who is Winning the Super Bowl? (22:01)

Freshman Class Rankings Grading Criteria (23:33)

Illinois Women's Incredible Young Core (28:30)

Gauging Alabama Men's Freshman Class (31:54)

Challenges With Ranking NAU & BYU Men's Freshman Classes(35:20)

Wanting to Rank UNC Women's Freshman Class Higher (37:44)


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