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The Blue Oval Podcast: Guess Who's Back Again? + Ben's Big Take

Your two favorite podcasters are back on the mic! Garrett and Ben reunite to bring back the Blue Oval Podcast, highlighting numerous aspects of our indoor track rankings and previewing the entire winter season ahead...

Which Ranked Athlete Has the Most Potential? (3:08)

Ben's Jaw-Dropping Take (9:05)

Who Would You Liked to Have Included in the Rankings That Wasn't Listed? (16:52)

Most Likely to Win Their First NCAA Title Come March? (23:49)

Which Title Race is the Most Wide Open? (32:03)

Trying to Figure Out Wesley Kiptoo (35:01)

How Predictable is the 800? (40:32)

Who Will Be This Year's Next Breakout Superstar? (42:39)

You can listen to that episode (and others) on our PODCASTS page!

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Note: If you're having issues loading the episode on the site via mobile, try refreshing the episode page. We will look into this issue for future episodes.

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