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The Blue Oval Podcast: Crazy Altitude Conversions, 4:32 Miles From Mackay & Vissa, Plus So Much More

The podcasts aren't getting any shorter, especially after a wild weekend of NCAA distance action. The guys start off the podcast with some major news developments before answering some early-pod prompts. Later, Ben and Garrett analyze which statements about certain runners are fair or overreactions. All of that and more in our latest episode!

Sam Tanner Signs With Puma (3:06)

Coach Mackenzie Wartenberger Steps Away From Wisconsin (5:06)

Isai Rodriguez Involved in Car Accident (6:17)

Clarification: Eliud Kipsang's Status (7:50)

Who Were the Biggest Winners of the Weekend? (8:50)

Nico Young Runs 3:54 Mile (8:50)

Debates About Altitude Conversions (10:01)

Ole Miss' Incredible Middle Distance Weekend (13:27)

NC State Women Flex Incredible Middle Distance Prowess (16:53)

Overreaction or Not: Emily Mackay is the Most Versatile Distance Runner in the NCAA (18:42)

Overreaction or Not: Dylan Jacobs Should Run the Mile at the Indoor National Meet (21:30)

Overreaction or Not: Texas Men are the Best Middle Distance Team in the NCAA (25:38)

Overreaction or Not: Samantha Bush's Best Event This Year Will Be the Mile (29:03)

Overreaction or Not: Nico Young's Altitude Mile Doesn't Tell Us Anything New (31:15)

Overreaction or Not: Mercy Chelangat's 15:34 (5k) Was the Best Result of the Weekend (37:12)

Fill in the Blank: Altitude Conversions Are _______ (39:29)

800 Meters: Iowa Men & Texas Women (41:13)

Mile: Sintayehu Vissa's 4:32 PR (42:12)

Men's Sub-Four Mile Efforts (44:07)

Athanas Kioko Runs 7:49 for 3000 Meters (45:41)

Don't Sleep On Penn State's Allison Johnson (47:50)


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