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The Blue Oval Podcast: Jaw-Dropping Mile Times & Hart's Eye-Catching 3k

It was an absolutely WILD weekend of action on the indoor oval. Ben and Garrett discuss the NCAA's most surprising results, the most predictable performances and the races that had the biggest postseason implications. Hear all of the analysis below in our newest episode...

Kieran Lumb's 3:55 Mile & His Potential Postseason Impact (4:48)

Could the Washington Huskies Win the DMR National Title? (7:45)

Ryan Schoppe's 3:58 Mile Effort (9:37)

Duncan Miller's Breakout 3:57 Mile (11:30)

Madison Heisterman's 4:34 Mile & Anna Gibson's 4:37 Mile (12:10)

Sean Dolan's 1:48 Season Opener (16:58)

Duncan Hamilton's Heavily Converted 3:56 Mile (18:40)

Lauren Ryan's 4:38 Mile (20:24)

Shafiqua Maloney's 2:04 Effort for 800 Meters (21:20)

Brandon Miller's 1:47 Win Over Craig Engels (22:21)

What Event Should Emily Mackay Focus On This Winter? (23:38)

Presley Weems Opens Season With Statement 2:46 Performance (26:58)

Grace Jensen's 2:47 Effort for 1000 Meters (28:26)

Georgetown Puts Four Men Under 2:24 for 1000 Meters (29:45)

Is Colten Johnsen an All-American Lock After His 3:55 Mile? (33:00)

Veerle Bakker Upsets Allie Schadler in 3000 Meters (37:21)

On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Surprised Should We Be That Devin Hart Ran 7:51? (40:47)


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