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SNAPSHOTS: 2023 Bryan Clay Invitational via Josh Kutcher (josh.kutcher_photo on Instagram)

More photos! After a week of technical issues on The Stride Report's end, we now have over 1000 photos from the Bryan Clay Invitational now on the site! Friend of the site, Josh Kutcher, ventured to California the other weekend to take some always-awesome photos at the distance carnival hosted by Azusa Pacific. Be sure to go check out his LOADED photo album on our SNAPSHOTS page below...

You can also check out Josh's full photo album by clicking here if you can't find your race or a photo that you're looking for.

You can also download these pictures for free! All we ask is that you give credit to (as well as tag) The Stride Report and the respective photographer of each photo album (for this one, that is Josh Kutcher) when posting to social media.

Also, be sure to follow all of Josh's work on Instagram at josh.kutcher_photo which you can find below...


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