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OFFICIAL: Wisconsin Nuttycombe Invitational Cancelled For This Fall

Earlier today, Wisconsin head coach Mick Byrne announced that the 2020 Wisconsin Nuttycombe Invitational will be cancelled for the upcoming cross country season. The meet is expected to return in 2021.

The Nuttycombe Invitational has been the NCAA's premier regular season cross country meet for years now, hosting many of the nation's top programs in Madison, Wisconsin on an annual basis.

Cancelling the 2020 Nuttycombe Invitational appeared to be a foregone conclusion after the BIG 10 announced last week that they would be adopting a conference-only schedule for all fall sports this year.

The loss of the Nuttycombe Invitational leaves the status of other large collegiate cross country meets around the nation -- such as Pre-Nationals and Joe Piane -- in a major state of uncertainty.


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