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BREAKING: BIG 10 Moving to Conference-Only Model, ACC to Delay Olympic Fall Sports Until Sept. 1st

Earlier today, the BIG 10 conference announced that they will be moving to a "conference-only" model for all fall sports this year if they are still able to compete. Details will be released at a later date. The decision follows Wednesday's announcement from the Ivy League which stated that the Ivy League was cancelling all fall sports in 2020.

The BIG 10's decision could have a massive impact on the upcoming cross country season. Nationwide meets such as Pre-Nationals and the Joe Piane Invitational would become notably less competitive with BIG 10 programs unable to attend (should any of those meets still happen). It is unclear how a meet like the Nuttycombe Invitational -- a meet hosted by BIG 10 program Wisconsin -- would be affected.

The BIG 10 also stated in their announcement that they are "prepared not to play" in order to ensure the health and safety of their student-athletes.

Prior to the BIG 10's decision, the ACC announced that they were delaying competition for Olympic fall sports (which includes men's and women's cross country) until "at least" September 1st.


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