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OFFICIAL: 2020 D1 NCAA XC Championships Cancelled

Following recent announcements from the BIG 10, PAC-12, BIG South, BIG East and numerous other conferences to postpone fall athletics for the upcoming fall semester, the NCAA has now reached a point where more than 50% of teams in the country will not be competing this fall.

Because over half of the Division One teams in the NCAA will not be competing this year, fall championships for collegiate athletics this year at the D1 level have been cancelled.

NCAA President Mark Emmert stated today that, "We cannot, at this point, have fall NCAA championships."

There is potential for these championships to take place at a later date according to the NCAA's August 5th release.

It should be noted that some conferences may continue to compete this fall, either in-conference or against other conferences that have not yet cancelled or postponed their fall athletics for the year.

It is unclear what the status of those remaining conferences will be following today's official statement.

All eyes now turn to the ACC, BIG 12 and SEC -- three Power Five conferences that are facing mounting pressure to also postpone fall athletics for this year following decisions from the BIG 10 and PAC-12.

The 2020 NCAA D1 XC Championships were expected to be held on November 21st at the Oklahoma State cross country course in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


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