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Lane Nine (Episode Three): Isaac Basten

The Stride Report's newest interview show, Lane Nine, is back this week with yet another top collegiate distance talent! This week, Drake standout and national title contender, Isaac Basten, joins your TSR admin, Garrett Zatlin, for a 30-minute chat!

Basten was nice enough to chat about his rise throughout the NCAA over the last few years, his development of tactics, his fascinating experiences on the national stage and A LOT more.

All of our BOOST subscribers can now watch the third Lane Nine episode on our "INTERVIEWS" page under the "CONTENT" tab!


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Basten's introduction to Drake program (0:57)

What allows Drake to produce top contenders? (2:04)

Isaac Basten's "Welcome to the NCAA" moment (3:31)

Breakout streak of races in the spring of 2021 (5:36)

2022 sub-four mile efforts & Arkansas Qualifier criticism (7:55)

Placing 5th in tactical mile race at 2022 NCAA Indoor Championships (11:42)

Running sub-3:40 three times prior to 2022 NCAA Outdoor Championships (14:15)

Revisiting tactical decision at 2022 NCAA Outdoor Championships (16:04)

Success during 2022 cross country season (17:32)

Thoughts on fitness going into 2023 NCAA Indoor Championships (19:42)

Did Basten think he won the 2023 mile national title when he crossed the line? (20:58)

Is Basten the best tactical runner in the NCAA? (25:07)

Shaky 1500 meter at the Missouri Valley Conference Championships (26:54)

Running 3:36.99 for 1500 meters earlier this season (28:03)

What's next for Isaac Basten? (29:45)

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