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Beyond the Stride (Ep. 2): Alex Phillip

We're back! The Stride Report's new interview show called, "Lane Nine" has returned with another high-profile guest. This week, Brett Haffner chats with one of the greatest D3 distance runners of all-time, Alex Phillip! The guys chat about John Carroll's rise during cross country, Phillip's pursuit of D3 records, the insane competition level within D3 and his future move to North Carolina as a graduate transfer.

All of our BOOST subscribers can now watch the second Lane Nine episode on our "INTERVIEWS" page under the "CONTENT" tab!


Phillip's high school recruiting journey (0:32)

The rise of John Carroll XC (1:53)

Thoughts on final moments of 2021 D3 NCAA XC Championships (6:44)

Initial expectations for 2022 D3 NCAA XC Championships (10:32)

The evolution and growing talent within Division Three (13:45)

Chasing D3 distance records (17:31)

Championship racing tactics & analyzing contenders for NCAA gold (19:01)

Phillip's decision to join the North Carolina men as a graduate transfer in the fall (23:24)


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