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Beyond the Stride (Ep. 6): Olivia Markezich

Olivia Markezich is the next guest in our Lane Nine interview series! The Notre Dame star joined Ben Weisel to chat about her incredible three-season success, including her dominant steeplechase performances over the last few months and the Fighting Irish's promising cross country roster for this fall.

All of our BOOST subscribers can now watch the sixth Lane Nine episode on our "INTERVIEWS" page under the "CONTENT" tab!


Has her recent success sunk in yet? (0:15)

Race plan & lead up to NCAA Championships (1:32)

Steeplechase training and technique (5:25)

Thoughts on outside water jump in steeplechase (6:28)

Expectations & tactics for USA Championships (8:16)

Thoughts on potentially going pro (10:17)

Choosing to attend Notre Dame (11:30)

Reuniting with sister Andrea as teammates at Notre Dame (14:01)

Welcome to the NCAA moment (15:04)

Reviewing 2022 cross country season (16:40)

Preferred season of competition (23:05)

Top-three finishes at NCAA Indoor Championships & racing at altitude (26:10)

Thoughts on upcoming 2023 cross country season (30:00)


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