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Lane Nine (Episode Seven): Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson is our next guest in our Lane Nine interview series! The now-former MIT runner is arguably the greatest Division Three middle distance runner of all-time. He details his delayed start to collegiate competition, what his rise to stardom has been like and his motivation of choosing Duke as a graduate transfer.

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Choosing MIT out of high school (0:32)

Initial draw to running (4:25)

Health challenges during freshman year (6:15)

Staying motivated during pandemic (10:02)

Welcome to the NCAA moment (11:17)

Attributing success at MIT to coaching (12:39)

Workouts leading up to NCAA D3 records (14:11)

Running the D3 mile record at Boston U. (16:47)

Winning his first national title (19:31)

Running the 800 meters vs the mile (24:16)

Decision to go to Duke as a graduate transfer (25:33)

Main takeaways from being at Duke (28:00)

Goals while at Duke (29:45)

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