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Beyond the Stride (Ep. 9): Rocky Hansen

Rocky Hansen, the best true freshman in the NCAA so far this fall, joined The Stride Report for a half-hour conversation! The superstar rookie talks with TSR's Ben Weisel about his unexpected rise as a top-tier low-stick, his journey through the elite high school ranks, adapting to collegiate racing and more.

All of our BOOST subscribers can now watch the ninth Lane Nine episode on our "VIDEO" page under the "CONTENT" tab!


Seamless transition to the NCAA (0:15)

Battling numerous superstars in high school (2:12)

Running sub-four minute mile in high school (10:05)

Has Hansen surprised himself with his impressive start? (14:48)

Welcome to the NCAA moment (16:13) Adjusting to racing 8k distance (18:45)

Differences/expectations between high school and college (21:12)

Goals and expectations for later this season (23:11)

Track vs cross country preference and future track goals (26:30)

Most excited about future of Wake Forest (30:08)


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