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Beyond the Stride (Ep. 4): Maia Ramsden

Lane Nine has returned, this time with our first Division One national champion! This week, Ben Weisel is joined by Harvard star Maia Ramsden, the NCAA's most recent 1500 meter national title winner.

Maia joined Ben to chat about her unique background prior to coming to Harvard and details her own "Welcome to the NCAA" moment. And of course, the Ivy League ace dives into her thoughts and mindset before and after the NCAA Outdoor Championships, specifically for her 1500 meter final race.

All of our BOOST subscribers can now watch the fourth Lane Nine episode on our "INTERVIEWS" page under the "CONTENT" tab!


Ramsden's unique path to Harvard (1:25)

Why Ramsden chose Harvard (3:47)

Welcome to the NCAA moment (5:05)

Ramsden's realization of her full potential (6:54)

Which season did Ramsden have the most confidence in? (8:35)

Ability to double on the national stage? (10:48)

Ramsden's preferred racing style (13:34)

Expectations about 1500 meter finals at national meet (15:33)

Event focus over the next few seasons (19:45)

Goals for 2023 cross country season (22:43)

Potential plans for graduate school (24:31)

Upcoming team trip to England (26:02)


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