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Introducing BOOST: How to Join

Well, the time has finally come. Back in December, we made an announcement that we would be implementing a paid subscription service called BOOST which you could sign up for in order to view our content. That day is finally here.

In order to get everyone set up, we wanted to offer you some steps and guidance as to how you create an account and how you complete a transaction.

1. Go to our HOME page and click on the Login Bar

If you already have an account with TSR, you can simply login like you usually would. This login bar will be positioned at the top of our HOME screen on both mobile and desktop devices.

2. If you don't have an account, click "Sign Up".

Fill out the information as necessary. The "Log In" page may look a bit different on mobile than it does on desktop, but it is largely the same process.


3. Once you complete the "Sign Up", you'll be redirected back to a new page and an email will be sent to you to confirm your account.

Make sure to check your trash or spam folders if you can't find the account confirmation email.

4. Confirm your account setup via the email that you were sent. You'll ultimately be redirected to your "My Account" page.

5. Adjust information on your "My Account" page as needed. (OPTIONAL)

You can ignore the "Community URL". All TSR Community features have been turned off. No other users can see your profile. You will likely not have any notifications as all TSR Community features have been disabled.

6. Go to any article that is currently in our BOOST plan and click "Subscribe" OR go to the "My BOOST Plans" tab in your Login Bar and click "View Plans & Pricing"


7. Select the BOOST plan that best works for you

The annual plan is the cheapest at just $2.99/month (less than a cup of coffee).

8. Complete transaction information

You will be given a one-time two week free trial when you sign up for a BOOST plan.

9. You're all set! You'll be able to view our TSR articles that are in our BOOST plan as long as you are signed in to your account.

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