D2 XC Top 20: Week 3 (9/27)

By: John Cusick

Week four of the cross country season has come and gone. However, there weren't many teams in action who are home to athletes on this list.

We only had two athletes compete and that was Andrew Curry of Dallas Baptist and Gidieon Kumatai of Missouri Southern State. Aside from those two, we don’t have any changes to our rankings.

With everyone else being idle, and Curry besting Kumatai at the Chile Pepper Invite, we are confident in our rankings after week four and certainly cannot wait for week five.

20. Dustin Nading | Previously: 20 | Movement: None

19. Gidieon Kumatai | Previously: 19 | Movement: None

Kumatai continues to impress. The freshman was 15th at the Chile Pepper Festival and although he was unable to finish ahead of Curry, he was only five seconds behind him. With continued success like this, he’ll begin to rapidly rise through the rankings.

18. Nadir Yusuf | Previously: 18 | Movement: None

17. Kale Adams | Previously: 17 | Movement: None

16. Bashir Aidrus | Previously: 16 | Movement: None

15. Ross Husch | Previously: 15 | Movement: None

14. Ricardo Ocampo | Previously: 14 | Movement: None

13. Logan Ramlet | Previously: 13 | Movement: None

12. Andrew Curry | Previously: 12 | Movement: None

Curry was the second scorer for the Patriots over the weekend. Dallas Baptist finished third as a team against a strong mix of programs. Despite Curry not leading the way for his team, we’ll go out on a limb and say he’ll be back to being an established low-stick soon. Everyone is allowed to have an off day.

11. Jacob Klemz | Previously: 11 | Movement: None

10. Joshua Joseph | Previously: 10 | Movement: None

9. Taylor Stack | Previously: 9 | Movement: None

8. Grant Colligan | Previously: 8 | Movement: None

7. Marcelo Laguera | Previously: 7 | Movement: None

6. Mason Phillips | Previously: 6| Movement: None

5. Elias Gedyon | Previously: 5 | Movement: None

4. Enael Woldemichael | Previously: 4 | Movement: None

3. Leakey Kipkosgei | Previously: 3 | Movement: None

2. Sydney Gidabuday | Previously: 2 | Movement: None

1. Zach Panning | Previously: 1 | Movement: None

Week five starts Friday. Get your popcorn ready because it’s time to see what these individuals and teams are really made of. Stanford and Griak will be home to many D2 teams beginning their push to the national meet.

Until next time...