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BREAKING: Patriot League Cancels Fall Sports

Earlier today, Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic reported that the Patriot League is cancelling all fall sports this year. The conference has not yet made a decision on winter sports. The Stride Report was also able to confirm that Patriot League Athletic Directors have informed their respective athletes that fall sports in the conference are being cancelled.

The Patriot League now joins the Ivy League as a D1 conference that will not be competing in fall sports this year.

UPDATE: The Patriot League has officially made their announcement.

The conference has also released the following statement regarding Army and Navy...

"Because the United States Military Academy and the United States Naval Academy are unique in their environments and their missions within higher education, the Council of Presidents agree that the academies may continue to engage in competitive opportunities as considered appropriate by their respective Superintendents."

The Patriot League has been home to a handful of respectable distance groups over the past few years. The Navy men have been a consistent cross country contender in the Mid-Atlantic region over the past few years while the Army men have emerged as one of the more competitive teams in the Northeast region over the last few seasons.

Last week, the BIG 10 and PAC-12 announced that they were adopting conference-only schedules for fall sports this year. Conferences such as the ACC, SEC and BIG 12 have not yet made a decision on the status of their fall sports.


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