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BREAKING: Clemson To Cut Men's Track & Field / XC Programs At End of 2020-21 Athletic Season

Earlier today, Clemson University announced that they will be cutting their men's cross country team as well as their men's indoor and outdoor track and field programs. The programs will be able to compete through the conclusion of the 2020-21 academic calendar.

In an open letter, Athletic Director Dan Radakovich cited "financial challenges due to the ongoing pandemic" as one of the "many factors" that went into the decision. The open letter also stated the cuts are expected save $2 million, annually. Clemson is working to address a projected $25 million shortfall during this fiscal year.

The university will continue honor scholarships for impacted student-athletes through their undergraduate years. All coaching contracts will also be honored through their terms according to the release.

Clemson has produced a plethora of top talents in a variety of events throughout their history, including 16 individual NCAA champions.

UPDATE: A petition has been started to save Clemson's XCTF programs. Click here to sign.


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