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Blue Oval Podcast: What is Parker Valby’s Status? Plus, Yusuf Bizimana Runs 1:45 (800)

Conference championship weekend has come and gone and the guys have lots in store! This week, Ben and Garrett take a deep dive into results from the Power Five meets (as well as a top steeple result from the WAC), including discussions on notable battles, NCAA Championship outlooks, key factors in each distance event, and much, much more! Be sure to listen, subscribe and review!


ACC Women's 800 Meters (3:19)

ACC Men's 800 Meters (6:46)

ACC Men's 1500 Meters (10:19)

ACC Women's 1500 Meters (14:37)

ACC & WAC Women's 3k Steeplechase (17:31)

ACC Men's 3k Steeplechase (21:33)

BIG 10 Men's 800 Meters (24:17)

BIG 12 Men's 800 Meters (28:29)

BIG 12 Men's 1500 Meters (31:29)

PAC-12 Notable Performances (34:29)

SEC Women's 5k (43:06)

SEC Women's 800 Meters (49:19)

SEC Men's 800 Meters (50:57)


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