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Blue Oval Podcast: The PAC-12 Crumbles & Hardest XC Teams to Rank

The Blue Oval Podcast is back, this time with one of our more exciting episodes of the year! This week, Ben and Garrett offer a detailed breakdown of how the PAC-12 Conference is crumbling. Then, the guys go back and forth, giving their cross country teams that they thought were the most challenging to rank. Be sure to listen up after you rate, review and subscribe!


Demise of the PAC-12 (1:48)

Oregon Men (18:59)

Colorado Men (22:28)

Stanford Women (26:24)

Notre Dame Women (28:34)

Ole Miss Men (31:57)

Washington Men (35:21)

UCLA Women (39:09)

Alabama Women (43:10)

Virginia Men (46:10)

Gonzaga Men (49:42)

Michigan Women (52:43)

New Mexico Women (56:35)


You can listen to that episode (and others) on our PODCASTS page! You can also find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud. If you like it, be sure to leave us a rating and a review! Note: If you're having issues loading the episode on the site via mobile, try refreshing the episode page. We will look into this issue for future episodes.


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