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Blue Oval Podcast: Parker Valby to Attempt 10k/5k Double & Ky Robinson Opts Out of 10k


Podcast production via Wyatt Barnsley


The guys are back with an episode full of reactions and analysis! This week, Ben and Garrett dive into their thoughts on some of the scratches (and entries) for the D1 regional races! Highlights include Parker Valby attempting the 10k/5k double, Ky Robinson & Nico Young deciding to only run the 5k and a whole lot more. Be sure to listen, subscribe and review!


(2:17) Parker Valley to Attempt 10k/5k Double

(6:24) Ky Robinson Scratches 10k in Favor of 5k

(12:13) Elmore & Ayyildiz Scratch From 1500m to Run 5k

(18:24) Nico Young Scratches From 1500m & 800m to Run 5k

(19:33) Juliet Cherubet to Attempt 1500m/5k Double

(24:29) Margot Appleton Decides to Run 5k Over 1500m

(27:59) Lindsey Butler Scratches From 800m in Favor of 1500m

(29:29) Rapid Fire Scratches


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