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Blue Oval Podcast: Nico Young’s Monumental 5k Record & Kimberley May’s Stunning 4:27 Mile PR


Podcast production via Wyatt Barnsley


After another weekend where we saw an NCAA record fall, the guys are back to break it all down! This week, Ben and Garrett dive into another incredible Nico Young performance, Melissa Riggins' big-time mile win, blistering times from Essayi, Murphy and the NAU men, a stunning showing by Kimberley May and so much more! Be sure to listen, subscribe and review!


Nico Young's NCAA 5k Record (2:21)

Aaron Las Heras & Theo Quax Run 13:16 (11:00) 

Women’s 800m (14:44)

Houser, Waskom, Green, McMahon-Staggs & Strangio Thrive in Mile (17:14)

Liam Murphy's Mile (20:43)

Oregon & Arkansas’ DMR (21:59)

Hutchins, Halladay-Lowry & Frentheway Run Sub-15:32 for 5k (25:35)

Carley Thomas Runs 2:00 for 800 Meters (29:14)

Roisin Willis & Hayley Kitching (32:00)

Colin Sahlman's 3:53 Mile Win (34:32)

Riggins vs Appleton Mile (37:55)

Anass Essayi Runs 7:39 (40:39)

Tinoda Matsatsa Runs 1:46 (42:54)

Roe & Lemngole Run Sub-8:54 (46:04)

Kimberley May's Stunning Mile (49:01)

Sam Austin's 800-Meter Performance (54:27)


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