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Blue Oval Podcast: NC State Defeats the Odds, the Cowboys' Historic Win & Insights From TSR’s Staff

No Ben this week, but don't worry, we brought in two guests to chat alongside Garrett to break down championship weekend! This week, Garrett starts solo analysis of the men's and women's individual and team winners before bringing in Donny Speas to give his on-site review of the D1 national meet. TSR veteran Maura Beattie later comes in to assist Garrett in analyzing the team results on the men's and women's sides. Be sure to listen, review and subscribe!


NC State & Northern Arizona Women (2:55)

Parker Valby (12:17)

Oklahoma State & Northern Arizona Men (14:45)

Graham Blanks (21:32)

Tuohy On-site Coverage (26:28)

NC State & Northern Arizona On-Site Reactions (30:35)

On-Site Individual Men's Coverage (36:37)

Donny's Takeaways (39:47)

Florida Women (44:42)

Tennessee Women (46:35)

Alabama Women (49:51)

BYU Women (52:02)

Georgetown Women (54:57)

Stanford Women (57:07)

Iowa State Men (58:38)

Arkansas Men (1:02:08)

Stanford Men (1:04:40)

Montana State Men (1:06:56)

Final Thoughts (1:09:37)


You can listen to that episode (and others) on our PODCASTS page! You can also find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud. If you like it, be sure to leave us a rating and a review! Note: If you're having issues loading the episode on the site via mobile, try refreshing the episode page. We will look into this issue for future episodes.


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