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Blue Oval Podcast: Hardest Names to Rank (2023-24 Indoor Track Edition)


No Ben this week, but Maura is back at it again with an episode full of discussion alongside Garrett! This week, Maura and Garrett chat about some of the more difficult athletes to gauge when it came to crafting our indoor track preseason rankings. Be sure to listen, subscribe and review!


Kaylee Mitchell (2:24)

Kimberley May (3:50)

Joe Waskom, Nathan Green & Luke Houser (6:54)

Isaac Basten (8:36)

Kelsey Chmiel (10:19)

Ceili McCabe (11:43)

Anass Essayi (13:20)

Adam Spencer (16:29)

Meghan Hunter (17:54)

Margot Appleton (19:13)

Sam Austin (20:38)

Oussama El Bouchayby (22:35)

Melissa Riggins (25:03)

Carley Thomas (27:17)

Ronan McMahon-Staggs (29:14)

Drew Bosley (31:34)

Amaris Tyynismaa (32:59)

Kenzie Doyle (35:13)

Casey Clinger (36:43)

Yaseen Abdalla (38:43)


You can listen to that episode (and others) on our PODCASTS page! You can also find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud. If you like it, be sure to leave us a rating and a review! Note: If you're having issues loading the episode on the site via mobile, try refreshing the episode page. We will look into this issue for future episodes.


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