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Blue Oval Podcast: Could Your Favorite XC Team Qualify For Nationals?

Buckle up, ladies and gents! The NCAA D1 XC Regional Championships are here! Ben and Garrett sit down for nearly an hour to discuss their national qualifying predictions and explain what needs to happen in order for your favorite team to earn a spot to the NCAA XC Championships. Be sure to give this week’s episode a listen and then go subscribe! Don’t forget to review as well!

KEY NOTE: has recently been updated. The Wisconsin men now show that they have a "B" team in the Nuttycombe results. That development could alter TSR's projections mentioned in the podcast. The men's Badger Classic results and the women's Beantown results have also be reflected to show that the Wisconsin men and Boston College women ran "B" team in those respective races.


Men's Projections (6:26)

Men's South Region (8:07)

Men's West Region (10:29)

Men's Southeast Region (15:35)

Men's Great Lakes Region (18:54)

Men's Mid-Atlantic Region (22:23)

Men's Mountain Region (25:21)

Women's Projections (27:36)

Women's South Region (30:30)

Women's South Central Region (35:24)

Women's Mid-Atlantic Region (37:41)

Women's Great Lakes Region (42:43)

Women's Mountain Region (43:42)

Women's Northeast Region (44:29)

Women's Southeast Region (46:32)

Women's West Region (48:46)


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