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Blue Oval Podcast: Can Nico Young Finally Win Gold? How Many Title Contenders Does the Women’s Mile Have?


Podcast production via Wyatt Barnsley


Ben is back after his two-week hiatus and it's almost time for the NCAA Indoor Championships! That means that the podcast is back with a fully-loaded national meet preview! This week, Ben and Garrett analyze the fields for each distance event and then discuss their national title favorites, sleeper picks and the athletes who they believe to be the biggest wildcards in each distance event. Be sure to listen, subscribe and review!


Men's 5k Favorites (4:31)

Men's 5k Sleepers (7:50)

Men's 5k Wildcards (10:36)

Women's 5k Favorites (12:20)

Women's 5k Sleepers & Wildcards (14:13)

Men's DMR Favorites (20:36)

Men's DMR Sleepers (24:06)

Men's DMR Wildcards (25:35)

Women's DMR Favorites (26:56)

Women's DMR Sleepers & Wildcards (31:33)

Men's Mile Favorites (33:25)

Men's Mile Sleepers (36:42)

Men's Mile Wildcards (39:22)

Women's Mile Favorites (41:30)

Women's Mile Sleepers & Wildcards (44:38)

Men's 800m Favorites (46:47)

Men's 800m Sleepers (48:49)

Men's 800m Wildcards (50:17)

Women's 800m Favorites (51:39)

Women's 800m Sleepers (53:19)

Women's 800m Wildcards (54:39)

Men's 3k Favorites (55:31)

Men's 3k Sleepers & Wildcards (57:40)

Women's 3k Favorites (59:32)

Women's 3k Sleepers (1:02:19)

Women's 3k Wildcards (1:03:54)


You can listen to that episode (and others) on our PODCASTS page! You can also find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud. If you like it, be sure to leave us a rating and a review! Note: If you're having issues loading the episode on the site via mobile, try refreshing the episode page. We will look into this issue for future episodes.


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