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Blue Oval Podcast: 2024 NCAA Indoor Championship Scratch Reactions


It's The Stride Report's annual "Scratch Reactions" podcast episode! This week, long-time TSR veteran Maura Beattie joins Garrett to chat about the very recent release of the declarations, both scratches and entries, for the NCAA Indoor Championships! Between Nathan Green's stunning decision to scratch the mile, Maggi Congdon's ambitious double, Carley Thomas choosing the 800 meters and Liam Murphy going all-in for the 3k, there was a TON to discuss.

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NOTE: The entries and scratches discussed in this episode were under "coaches review" which allows time for corrections to declarations that were erroneously entered or allow for medical scratches.


Nathan Green Scratches Mile for 800m (3:05)

Carley Thomas Scratches Mile for 800m (8:11)

Maggi Congdon's Potential Mile/800m Double (11:34)

Amina Maatoug Scratches Mile for 3k (15:06)

Liam Murphy Scratches 5k & Mile for 3k (17:43)

Graham Blanks Scratches From National Meet (20:43)

Ronan McMahon-Staggs & Washington's DMR (23:28)

Riley Chamberlain & BYU's DMR (25:08)

Taylor Roe Not Scratching 5k (28:59)

Miscellaneous (31:28)


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