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ANNOUNCED: NESCAC Cancels Conference Competition, SIAC & CIAA Suspend Fall Sports

Earlier today, the New England Small Conference Athletic Conference (NESCAC) announced that they would be cancelling "conference competition" for fall sports this year. The NESCAC is home to a handful of the country's top Division III distance programs such as Williams College, Tufts and numerous others.

Prior to the NESCAC's announcement, schools such as Bowdoin College, Williams College, Amherst College, Hamilton College and Wesleyan University had already cancelled sports for the upcoming fall semester.

In addition to the NESCAC cancelling conference competition, two D2 conferences -- the SIAC and the CIAA -- have opted to "suspend" athletics for the entirety of this year's fall semester. Both conferences have noted the potential to move competition for fall sports into the spring semester. Morehouse College, a member of the SIAC, was one of the first D2 programs to cancel fall sports this year.

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