2019 D2 XC Top 25 Men: Update #4

Updated: Jan 13



Was not ranked the week before.


First number indicates how much the individual has moved in the rankings. The second number indicates where they were ranked the week before.

25. Kyle Moran, Rs. Freshman, Colorado Mines (-1 / 25)

Moran didn’t race this weekend.

24. Danae Blomquist, Senior, Adams State (Unranked)

We went back and forth on Blomquist, but in retrospect, we likely undervalued his performance at Paul Short in our last update. The only reason we didn't initially place him in our rankings was due to his lack of standout performances in the past and the uncertainty about how legitimate he was after just one race.

His 15th place finish at Paul Short (where he ran 23:44) was super impressive, but we still want to see him prove himself in more than just one race this season. Even so, good performances should be rewarded and that's what we opted to do here.

23. Ryan Riddle, Sophomore, Missouri Southern (Unranked)

Riddle had a breakout race at a tough Lewis Crossover meet race this past weekend. He finished 6th and solidified himself as Missouri Southern’s #2 scorer for the time being. He’ll need to continue this strong running as championship season is right around the corner.

22. Ross Husch, Rs. Senior, Western Colorado (+1 / 23)

Husch didn’t race this past weekend.

21. Ezekiel Kipchirchir, Junior, West Texas A&M (0 / 21)

Kipchirchir didn’t race this past weekend.

20. Luke Julian, Rs. Sophomore, Colorado Mines (0 / 20)

Julian didn’t race this past weekend.

19. Kale Adams, Rs. Senior, Adams State (0 / 19)

Adams didn’t race this past weekend.

18. Anthony Raftis, Senior, Queens (N.C.) (-5 / 13)

Raftis didn’t have the strongest showing after a hot start to the season. He finished 27th at the Royals XC Challenge and was the third runner across the line for Queens. Hopefully this is just an anomaly for him, he's usually a reliable top scorer.

17. Luc Hagen, Rs. Junior, Colorado Mines (-1 / 16)

Hagen didn’t race this past weekend.

16. Felix Kemboi, Senior, Alaska Anchorage (+2 / 18)

Kemboi impressed quite a bit this past weekend. We knew he and his teammate were both Top 25 caliber runners, but Kemboi took home the win at the WWU Classic over Berti and fellow Seawolf Wesley Kirui. He’s trending upwards as we head into championship season.

15. Karim Achengli, Senior, NW Missouri (-3 / 12)

Achengli didn’t race this past weekend.

14. Braden Reichl, Junior, Michigan Tech (-3 / 11)

Reichl didn’t race this past weekend.

13. Mason Phillips, Senior, Sioux Falls (-7 / 6)

Phillips drops seven spots in our rankings this week. He hasn’t quite lived up to the expectations that we had for him in the preseason. He finished 9th at the Lewis Crossover meet and was #2 runner for Sioux Falls in terms of scoring. That's not necessarily a bad performance, but he doesn't quite have the spark we thought he would. We’ll be looking for a rebound performance at his conference meet.

12. Dylan Ko, Rs. Sophomore, Colorado Mines (-2 / 10)

Ko didn’t race this past weekend.

11. Jhordan Ccope, Junior, NW Missouri (-2 / 9)

Ccope didn’t race this past weekend.

10. CarLee Stimpfel, Sophomore, Saginaw Valley State (-2 / 8)

Stimpfel only really falls this week because of stronger performances than his in the same race. The Saginaw Valley runner was 6th at the Lewis Crossover meet and was only 12 seconds behind the winner (Kimutai). He easily would have moved forward in other weeks.

9. Titus Winders, Sophomore, Southern Indiana (+5 / 14)

Winders moves up five spots to #9 this week after an excellent 4th place finish at Lewis Crossover this past weekend. This race featured a bunch of big-name talents who were thrown into less than ideal conditions. It was a good showing for Winders who continues to show us that he’s the top low-stick for Southern Indiana this year.

8. Steven Brown, Senior, Sioux Falls (+9 / 17)

Brown moves up nine spots this week after a really good showing at the Lewis Crossover meet. He was the 3rd place finisher and now looks to be the alpha dog on a front-heavy Sioux Falls roster. Brown has moved up a tier in my book in terms of his ability to compete for the individual title.

7. Jack Mastandrea, Senior, Charleston (W.V.) (0 / 7)

Mastandrea only stays put because he lost to the guy who is now ranked in front of him. At the Royals XC Challenge, Mastandrea finished runner-up in what was yet another excellent performance for him. He’s become a strong candidate for a top five finish at Nationals and showed us that he can hang with some of the best this past weekend.

6. Joshua Chepkesir, Sophomore, UNC Pembroke (+9 / 15)

The last big mover in our rankings is Chepkesir. He won the Royals XC Challenge by over 20 seconds and has broken onto the scene without much name recognition. I think this race proved to everyone that he’s capable of running a hard pace from the gun. The only question is...for how long can he hang?

5. Charlie Sweeney, Rs. Sophomore, Western Colorado (0 / 5)

Sweeney didn’t race this past weekend.

4. Wesley Kirui, Junior, Alaska Anchorage (0 / 4)

Kirui finished 3rd at the WWU Classic and stays put at our #4 spot this week. Nothing terrible, but nothing great either. He’ll still be in the mix come November.

3. Taylor Stack, Junior, Western Colorado (0 / 3)

Stack didn’t race this past weekend.

2. Tanner Chada, Sophomore, Grand Valley State (0 / 2)

Chada continues to prove that he’s the second best athlete in the NCAA this year (but not by much). He just lost to Kimutai by a mere second and did so on a course where conditions weren’t great. He closed the gap just a bit between him and Kimutai this weekend.

1. Gidieon Kimutai, Sophomore, Missouri Southern (0 / 1)

Kimutai walked away with another victory after his race on Saturday, but this one was closer than all the rest. He managed to hold off Chada at the end and in doing so, keeps his claim as the nation’s top runner...for now.


Dane Blomquist (Adams State)

Ryan Riddle (Missouri Southern)


Austin Nolan (Southern Indiana)

Wyatt Baxter (Chico State)

JUST MISSED (in no particular order)

Trad Berti (Chico State)

Aaron Runge (Augustana (S.D.))

Jesus Urtusuatsegui (Augustana (S.D.))

Matthew Pahl (Michigan Tech)

Mathew Chesum (Benedict)

Tai Smith (Mount Olive)

Nadir Yusuf (MSU-Moorhead)

Austin Nolan (Southern Indiana)

HONORABLE MENTIONS (in no particular order)

Silus Kipkoech (UNC Pembroke)

Lucas Taxter (Stonehill)

Joshua Litwiller (Cal State San Marcos)

Calahan Warren (Embry-Riddle)

Jhavan Holston (Chico State)

Wyatt Baxter (Chico State)

Augostine Lisoreng (NW Missouri)

Daniel Haymes (West Texas A&M)

Christopher Sims (Roberts Wesleyan)

Jesse Becker (Grand Valley State)


- Southern Indiana's Austin Nolan finished 19th at the Lewis Crossover meet this past weekend, but it should be noted that he lost both of his spikes in the extremely muddy conditions and crossed the line bare foot. He drops from our rankings, but don't expect him to stay off for too long. He'll be better in the postseason.