UPDATED XC Top 50 Individuals: Week 11 (11/13)


(Wasn’t Ranked): Was not ranked the week before.


First number indicates how much the individual has moved in the rankings. A plus (with green) means they have improved in the rankings. A minus (with red) means they have regressed in the rankings. Colors may not show on mobile.

The second number indicates where they were ranked the week before.

50. Jacob Thomson, Senior, Kentucky (-2 / 48)

It was an unfortunate finish to the Kentucky senior's collegiate cross country season as he faltered to 27th overall and missed out on NCAA's for the first time in his career. It was a tough finish, but you have to commend Thomson for some of the strong races he's had with the Wildcats during his cross country career.

49. Clayton Young, Junior, BYU (-2 / 47)

Young finished 27th overall in the Mountain region, although even he made it clear that the race was not at 100% effort.

48. Josh Brickell, Rs. Senior, Furman (+2 / 50)

47. Aaron Templeton, Rs. Junior, Furman (+2 / 49)

In the Southeast region, we saw Templeton put together a strong finish of 5th overall while Brickell held his own to snag 13th overall. The consistency these two have brought to Furman is extremely valuable. In all honesty, I am probably under ranking them at 47th and 48th.

46. Ben Veatch, Sophomore, Indiana (Wasn't Ranked)

28th at Wisconsin and back-to-back 4th place finishes in a conference and region known for its depth in the long distances is extremely impressive. The sophomores have been killing it this year and Ben Veatch is one of the leaders of this pack.

45. Andrew Johnston, Senior, Air Force (-1 / 44)

It wasn't the best day for Johnston who finished 22nd overall in the Mountain region, but he has been so strong for the entire season. One slightly below average race is not something I'm too worried about.

44. Garrett Reynolds, Sophomore, UCLA (-1 / 43)

In a race where there was no low-stick to lean on (Robert Brand was did not run), Reynolds took the reins as the squad leader and finished 14th overall to help the Bruins snag a spot to Nationals.

43. Sean Tobin, Senior, Mississippi (+2 / 45)

If Ole Miss wanted to lock down the regional title, then they needed Tobin to have a big day. Sure enough, that is exactly what happened as Tobin put together a stellar performance to finish 6th overall. It is arguably the best race he has had this season.

42. Luis Grijalva, Freshman, Northern Arizona (0 / 42)

Did not run.

41. Kasey Knevelbaard, Junior, Southern Utah (-4 / 37)

The Southern Utah junior finished 21st in the Mountain region this past Friday. I'm still waiting for that breakout race from him...

40. Mike Tate, Rs. Senior, Southern Utah (-6 / 34)

While I do believe that many of the Mountain region's best were taking it easy, I am still a little concerned about the 30th place finish from Mike Tate who was Southern Utah's 4th scorer on the day. What should we expect from him as we enter NCAA's this weekend?

39. Brian Barraza, Rs. Senior, Houston (+2 / 41)

It was deja vu for Barraza at the South Central Regional Championships as he once again battled Emmanuel Rotich and once again settled for 2nd. Many of the top names in this field were conserving their best efforts for NCAA's, but 2nd in any region is still super impressive.

38. Nadeel Wildschutt, Freshman, Coastal Carolina (Wasn't Ranked)

Whoa! Where did this guy come from? Wildschutt entered the Southeast region undefeated, although all four of his wins came at small, low-level meets. The Coastal Carolina South African recruit finished 4th in the Southeast region and earned a spot to NCAA's. His time (29:03) was also very strong for a freshman who had never raced a collegiate 10k before.

37. Cole Rockhold, Junior, Colorado State (+3 / 40)

Another day, another under the radar finish from Colorado State's Cole Rockhold. The CSU junior finished 14th in the Mountain region this past weekend, and continued to cement himself as one of the most consistent and reliable runners in the western portion of the nation. He consistency has earned him a spot in the top 40.

36. Clark Ruiz, Rs. Senior, Michigan State (-1 / 35)

After a strong 3rd place performance at BIG 10's, I thought the 10k distance would give Ruiz even more of an edge in the Great Lakes region. Unfortunately, Ruiz was able to close hard enough with the rest of the pack and fell back to 8th overall. It's not the most ideal finish for a low-stick like him, but 8th is hardly a poor finish itself.

35. Emmanuel Rotich, Junior, Tulane (-2 / 33)

After grabbing a win over Houston's Brian Barraza at the AAC Championships, Rotich went back to work this past Friday where he once again defeated Barraza and took the South Central title.

34. Lawrence Kipkoech, Rs. Junior, Campbell (+2 / 36)

After a season of average and unexciting finishes, Lawrence Kipkoech exploded at the Southeast Regional Championships and ripped off a monster time of 28:45 to take the Southeast regional crown. Clearly, adding an extra two kilometers only benefitted the Campbell veteran.

33. Oliver Hoare, Sophomore, Wisconsin (-1 / 32)

After pulling off the upset win at BIG 10's, Hoare could no longer stay under the radar at the Great Lakes Regional Championship where he finished 3rd overall. For a sophomore who is racing experienced veterans who train specifically for the 10k, this was a great race for Hoare. With McDonald returning in 2018, Wisconsin could have one of the best 1-2 punches in the NCAA next year.

32. Ben Flanagan, Rs. Senior, Michigan (+7 / 39)

You have to be happy for Ben Flanagan who missed the entirety of last cross country season with an injury and had a (somewhat) disappointing finish at BIG 10's where he finished 6th. Now he's a Great Lakes regional champion and is bringing his team to NCAA's with him. It just goes to show what kind of difference a 10k vs an 8k can make for some of these guys...

31. Casey Clinger, Freshman, BYU (-1 / 30)

Did not run.

30. Connor McMillan, Rs. Junior, BYU (-1 / 29)

With Clinger and Harper not in the lineup, the BYU men needed to be at their best. Sure enough, McMillan stepped up and delivered with a huge 4th place finish overall. Regardless of how conservative some racing styles became, a top five finish in the Mountain region is not something to ignore.

29. Alex Ostberg, Rs. Sophomore, Stanford (-1 / 28)

Did not run this past weekend. He was most likely resting for NCAA's.

28. Nick Hauger, Rs. Junior, Portland (-1 / 27)

see #22 & #23

27. Aidan Tooker, Sophomore, Syracuse (-2 / 25)

26. Colin Bennie, Senior, Syracuse (0 / 28)

The 10k distance is a distance that the Syracuse men thrive at and we certainly saw that this past weekend after Bennie finished 2nd and Tooker finished 6th in the Northeast. Tooker has never raced the 10k distance before, so to place 6th overall is a solid finish for the youngster. Hopefully he won't be overwhelmed by the incredible mass of talent at NCAA's.

25. Geordie Beamish, Rs. Junior, Northern Arizona (-1 / 24)

Beamish quietly finishes 12th overall in the Mountain region to help secure NAU's berth to NCAA's.

24. Jeff Thies, Rs. Senior, Portland (-1 / 23)

23. Emmanuel Roudolff-Levisse, Sophomore, Portland (+14 / 37)

The Portland men went to work in the West region this past weekend by taking three of the top four spots. ERL took the pace hard from the gun and was rewarded with an individual regional title while Thies finished 2nd overall. Hauger rounded out Portland's lethal top three with a 4th place finish overall. These men are clearly at another level and are ready to go at NCAA's.

22. Robert Brandt, Junior, UCLA (-2 / 20)

Did not run this past weekend. Maybe the Bruins are simply just resting him for NCAA's?

21. Jack Bruce, Senior, Arkansas (-1 / 20)

See #16

20. Peter Seufer, Junior, Virginia Tech (-3 / 17)

Admittedly, it's going to be hard for Seufer to match his brilliant 2nd place finish at Pre-Nats. However, after placing 9th at the Southeast regional, it's safe to say that Seufer is a reliable low-stick who will at least produce a solid result in any race that he runs.

19. Jonathan Green, Rs. Senior, Georgetown (0 / 19)

After winning the BIG East title, Jonathan Green went back to work this past Friday with another win at the Mid-Atlantic regional. This time, it was a three second win over Villanova's Casey Comber.

18. Jonathan Davis, Sophomore, Illinois (+4 / 22)

After struggling at the BIG 10 Championships (although 9th isn't exactly "struggling"), I had my concerns as to how well Davis would do at the 10k distance. As it turns out, racing for two kilometers actually helped the Illinois sophomore who pulled off a huge win over Oklahoma State's Hassan Abdi.

17. Dillon Maggard, Senior, Utah State (+1 / 18)

Just like I mentioned with Jerrell Mock, Dillon Maggard did enough to get himself and his squad into NCAA's after placing 7th overall in the Mountain region.

16. Alex George, Senior, Arkansas (0 / 16)

While the rest of the field fought for placement, Jack Bruce and Alex George did what they had to and finished 5th and 7th overall and secured the Razorbacks a spot to NCAA's. I imagine there will be a greater sense of urgency in their racing on Saturday.

15. Hassan Abdi, Senior, Oklahoma State (-2 / 13)

It was a great matchup between Abdi and Illinois' Jon Davis who both fought to the line in the Midwest region. In one of the bigger upsets of the weekend, Davis edged out Abdi to take the overall win. This is the first loss Abdi has had this year, but when it comes to a special talent like Davis, there isn't much to be upset about.

14. Azaria Kirwa, Junior, Liberty (+1 / 15)

Kirwa has been a pleasant surprise for many fans of the sport this season. He has had top finishes in some of the most competitive meets in the nation. Now, he has been rewarded with a trip to the NCAA Championships after running 28:57 for 10k and finishing 3rd in an ultra deep Southeast region. As we enter NCAA's, this guy has shown no signs of slowing down.

13. Jerrell Mock, Rs. Senior, Colorado State (-1 / 12)

6th overall in a crazy deep Mountain region is something to be proud of. Admittedly, I don't think too many of the Mountain region's top low-sticks were going all-out for this race. Many were most likely trying to secure a spot to Nationals for themselves and their team.

12. Joe Klecker, Rs. Sophomore, Colorado (+2 / 14)

The Colorado ace finished runner-up to Fisher and took down a deep field behind him. Klecker has had a really solid season, but PAC 12's was finally the race I was looking for him to have.

11. Amon Kemboi, Rs. Freshman, Campbell (0 / 11)

The Campbell freshman continues to impress us with a 28:53 10k to finish 2nd overall to teammate Lawrence Kipkoech. I was a little concerned about how he would handle the longer distance, but with a sub-29 minute time in cross country, there don't seem to be any concerns.

10. Alfred Chelanga, Junior, Alabama (0 / 10)

9. Gilbert Kigen, Junior, Alabama (0 / 9)

8. Vincent Kiprop, Junior, Alabama (0 / 8)

Yes, Choge did finish ahead of Vincent Kiprop (who was 4th), but the message is clear that this group is still elite at the 10k distance. 8th, 9th, and 10th may be a slight under-ranking for such a talented trio.

7. Jacob Choge, Sophomore, Middle Tennessee State (0 / 7)

Leading up to the Regional Championships, no one had ever finished between the Alabama trio. Choge did defeat them earlier this season at the Crimson Classic, but the South region was the first time we saw the Alabama trio have three runners cross the line together. Choge's 3rd place finish was enough to get himself and his team into NCAA's.

6. Andy Trouard, Rs. Senior, Northern Arizona (-2 / 4)

5. Matthew Baxter, Rs. Senior, Northern Arizona (0 / 5)

4. Tyler Day, Junior, Northern Arizona (+2 / 6)

It was just another day at the office for this NAU trio who finished 3rd (Day), 5th (Baxter), and 18th (Trouard) overall. It wasn't the best finish for Trouard who has been at the top of the results for most of the season, but when the Lumberjacks toe the line at NCAA's, all of them will be ready to perform at their highest level.

3. Rory Linkletter, Junior, BYU (0 / 3)

BYU made it clear that their goal was to simply qualify for NCAA's. In this past Friday, they did more than that thanks to Rory Linkletter leading the way with a 2nd place finish (behind Colorado's Joe Klecker) to help the Cougars earn the 2nd automatic berth.

2. Grant Fisher, Junior, Stanford (0 / 2)

1. Justyn Knight, Senior, Syracuse (0 / 1)

While Knight cruised to an easy win in the Northeast region, Fisher tempoed the West region with a conservative effort to place 11th overall. None of these are surprising results. With preliminary stage done, the real showdown between these two will take place this Saturday.


Ben Veatch (Indiana)

Nadeel Wildschutt (Coastal Carolina)


John Dressel (Colorado) (Formerly #31)

Alex Palm (New Mexico) (Formerly #46)

JUST MISS (in no order)

Andrew Jordan (Iowa State)

Thomas Pollard (Iowa State)

Sam Worley (Texas)

Nahom Soloman (Georgia Tech)

Steven Fahy (Stanford)

Mahmoud Moussa (Washington)

Brent Demarest (Virginia)

Lachlan Cook (Virginia)

Hyluner Andresson (Eastern Michigan)

Edwin Kurgat (Tenn. - Martin)

Joe Hardy (Wisconsin)

Cameron Griffith (Arkansas)

Yusuke Uchikoshi (Boise State)

Philo Germano (Syracuse)

Ryan Forsyth (Colorado)

Eduardo Herrera (Colorado)

Kigen Chemadi (MTSU)

WHO TO WATCH (in no order)

Colby Gilbert (Washington)

Aaron Baumgarten (Michigan)

Morgan Beadlescomb (Michigan State)

Conor Lundy (Princeton)

Andrew Marston (Villanova)

Michael Williams (Washington State)

Thomas Ratcliffe (Stanford)

Sylvester Barus (Oklahoma State)

Colin Abert (Penn State)


Hyluner Andresson (Eastern Michigan): Despite unimpressive finishes at Notre Dame and Wisconsin, Eastern Michigan's Hyluner Andresson came out of nowhere to have a huge 2nd place finish at the Great Lakes region. Can he repeat that performance five days from now?


Emmanuel Roudolff-Levisse (Portland): In an interview with Flotrack following the Wisconsin Invite, Coach Conner talked about the Pilots new star transfer from France and how he had experience racing the 10k in cross country on the world stage. This past Friday, that was very much evident as ERL established a hard pace that he never relinquished. It will be very exciting to see what this guy can bring to the NCAA field on Saturday...


- Rumors suggest that John Dressel is out for the season after being spotted in a boot.

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