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UNC Coaching Staff Dismissed

Graphic by John Cusick

According to a reliable source who is familiar with the situation, The Stride Report has learned that incoming coach Chris Miltenberg has dismissed the entire UNC Track and Field coaching staff with the exception of sprint coach Abigi Id-Deen.

The staff was made aware that they would not be retained on the same day it was announced that Miltenberg was leaving Stanford for UNC. Currently, the athletes are unaware of who the new coaching staff will consist of (outside of Abigi Id-Deen).

It should also be noted that Stanford's women's cross country coach Elizabeth DeBole is no longer listed as one of the Stanford coaches on the team's website. DeBole, a 2012 US Olympic Trials qualifier, was previously coached by Miltenberg during her time at Georgetown. She later joined the Stanford coaching staff in 2014 and has worked under Miltenberg since then.

Prior to the coaching changes, the Tarheels were expected to bring in three new transfers. Those transfers included Jasmine Staebler (Iowa State), John Tatter (Michigan), and Paige Hofstad (Georgetown). Staebler was previously coached by Andrea Grove-McDonough at Iowa State before Grove-McDonough left to coach the distance group at UNC in 2018.

At the moment, those three transfers remain committed to North Carolina.

According to our source, it is unlikely that any additional transfers will enter the UNC program due to the limited number of available roster spots. If additional athletes were to transfer in, it would only be "one or two" at most. It is possible that Coach Miltenberg could be granted additional roster spots to expand the size of the team, although that is not expected to happen.

This is a developing story. We will provide updates as we learn more.

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