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The Stride Report's Top 50 Class of 2024 Distance Recruits (Post-Indoor Track Edition)

Rankings constructed by Donny Speas & Garrett Zatlin


Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen!

We have now reached the third edition of our Class of 2024 distance recruit rankings. With the indoor track season now behind us, we wanted to update our top-50 lists as well as some of our scouting analysis.

Remember, these lists are for current high school seniors who specialize in the 800 meters and/or higher. Don't see yourself or a certain individual during this update? Don't worry, everyone will have another chance to crack our top-50 following the outdoor track season.

As always, our rankings take a wholistic approach. We look at results across all three seasons of competition and also evaluate a few intangibles such as consistency, experience, progression, momentum, range, etc.

Oh, and fast times help...a lot.



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