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The Blue Oval Podcast: Transfer Madness

The past week gave us a TON to talk about when it came to transfer news. The only problem? Ben wasn't able to join the show. Even so, Garrett goes on a solo effort to cover all of the recent transfer announcements as well as a few other key developments that have not yet been reported...

George Kusche to Northern Arizona (2:19)

Stephanie Cotter to Northern Arizona (6:12)

Caleb Brown to Oregon (10:12)

Clarissa Morales to Oklahoma State (14:33)

Kaitlyn Mooney to Rutgers (19:00)

Matt Young to Georgetown (21:23)

Ryan Ford to Iowa State (24:30)

Curtis Threlkeld on Transfer Portal (27:59)

Michael Coccia on Transfer Portal (30:11)

Ehab El-Sandali to Stay at Iona (34:28)

Connor McMenamin to Penn State (36:50)

Ben Butler to Campbell (38:14)

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